Welcome to the MNTRBO DMR Plus linking system

Making Ham Radio Great Again

Click here to see the DMR Plus Talkgroup/Reflector layout



If you have a repeater and would like to link, contact N0VZC.

You can look me up on QRZ.

The Talkgroup layout is set for my repeaters.  If you want to link a repeater and have different static set of talkgroups, I can set that up for you.

DMR Plus supports Motorola, Hytera, and MMDVM (HomeBrew) repeaters.

I can connect the server to XLX and YSF Reflectors and bridge them to a talkgroup of your choice.



If you have a hotspot, you can connect it to the DMR+ Network.

All you have to do is set your hotspot to DMRplus mode and connect to one of the servers that is closest to your location.  I run 2 Minnesota servers.

The Minnesota State Reflector is 4605.


I run the Eden Prairie Repeater on 442.475 CC11

and a low coverage MMDVM repeater in St. Bonifacius on 444.725 CC2


NOTE: I am looking for a new site to put the Eden Prairie repeater on. 

The Current location in Eden Prairie is going away in the near future. 

The exact date has not been set yet.




Mike (N0VZC)